Quick synopsis:

OES NW 6.5 running BM 3.8 SP4 configured as Master
SonicWALL TZ170 VPN router at remote site, configured as Slave

Private LANs on Master side:

Private LAN on Slave side:

I have the TZ170 VPN configured to route all internet traffic through
the VPN tunnel.

I am able to establish the tunnel and can ping back and forth between
the two LANs on the Master side and the LAN on the Slave side. I need to
be able to apply some content filtering at BM to allow only certain
sites to be accessed on the net, based on ACL (i.e., sales staff should
be able to log into NW and access about a half dozen sites, whereas when
I go to the client and log in from one of the remote stations, I should
be able to get anywhere I want).

Currently, I'm not able to get *any* traffic routed out to the net via
the Master, and I'm not sure what traffic rule I'm missing. (I did my
basic setup similarly to
http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/appnote/8945.html, except that in my
case, the Master is not behind a router, so I did not enter a static
route of any sort in the TZ170. Should I?

Any thoughts?


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