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Thread: Dell GX790 Imaging Problem

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    Dell GX790 Imaging Problem

    We are running Zenworks 10.2 and have not updated due to having over 1200 pc`s on the system and cannot afford to have connection issues as this is our main method of imaging and remote access support.

    However we may now need to look into updates as this may be a solution to a new problem trying to create a new image from a new Dell GX790.

    Through PXE Boot I can access our bespoke imaging menu I created a long time ago with no issues.

    When I try to create an image or even try to image the new GX790 with an older model image I get a different Linux menu appearing. The same happens with our boot CD.

    This is rather urgent as our latest batch of PC`s are the Dell GX790 and they are needed within a week for a new roll out program.

    My questions are:

    1. Why do we get the screen posted below?
    2. How far can we update bug free?
    3. can we update our Satellite Imaging servers to test rather than update our main ZCM?
    4. Is there another quick fix ?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thx

    The screen shot is below.

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