We upgraded from 11 to 11.1a. We also had to upgrade the database from
MS SQL 2005 to 2008r2. After the upgrade there is something wrong. I
have a large number of devices that seem to have GUID issues. I am
getting an error on the primary servers "managed device with GUID XXXX
failed to register due to invalid authentication info". The source
listed on the error report is NOT the same as the device with the error
(from full message) and the source is always wrong (device in wrong
folder). If I manually unr/reg on the devices they will often register
but end up in the wrong folder (despite reg rules) and the Primary User
is a user in another building that has never used the device. In some
cases the only fix has been to uninstall Zen, boot to imaging and clear
ISD, then reinstall zen.

I am also getting a Rights Authentication error on about 1/2 the devices
when I try to remote. I have checked on time sync and all the devices
are using the same time source and appear to be synced correctly.

I have ran ZDC and the only errors are some missing jar files for patch
management (that we don't use) and a checksum error on the server xml
file that I changed before the update (changed timesync window from 10
seconds to 120 seconds). There were a few warnings about extra fields in
the database - probably from previous versions. We have upgraded quite a
few times since 10.0

We have 2 primaries (Linux) and about 4000 devices.

Any ideas on what to look at next?