I have been upgrading workstations to the Zen 7 agent and it seems to greatly reduce the reliability of the VPN Netware login.
With Zen 4 agent VPN connects and logs in to NetWare nearly every time. When it does fail, you can then log in via Netware client.
After the Zen 7 installation, Netware log in fails mostly in the VPN client login process and then the Netware client won't log in
I tried upgrading to latest VPN client and patch, installing NMAS from latest Netware client as suggested in another thread.
After uninstalling and reinstalling clients and agent I now have one machine upgraded from unusable all the way to merely annoying.
The NetWare login of the VPN client fails frequently but log in separately from Netware client works mostly.

Has anyone else seen this? Do you have any ideas to tweak it for better reliability?

Best Regards,

George Melcher