I want to configure a S2S VPN between BM 3.8 SP4 (NW 6.5 SP5) and a Cisco
PIX 500. I looked the AppNote: Interoperability of Cisco PIX 500 and NBM
3.8 VPN.

I am using Preshared key with 3rd party. In 3rd Party Traffic Rules, i
define the action as Encrypt with IPsec Key Life Time as 120 minutes,
Encryption as DES, and Authentication as HMAC-SHA1.

The tunnel is up well, but impossible to reach the remote networks.

In the VPN Monitor, informations which appears for connection is the IKE
Encryption Algorithm as 3DES and IKE Authentication Algorithm as MD5.

In logs, i am the error : "Proposal Mismatch - PHASE 1 HASH Algorithm
mismatch mine : SHA his : MD5 dst: xx.xx.xx.xx src: xx.xx.xx.xx cookies my-
his :9A6608229490FD20 - B4443ECFB1B86ED2"

does somebody know problem?
The configuration of the Rule does not seem to function.