We've just implemented a new Zenworks server and are in the process of moving the estate to the new server. The estate is composed of a large central domain (that hosts the server) and many smaller domains that have no trust relationships with them. We previously used a third party security certificate on the old server, but this has since run out so we have put a zenworks generated certificate on the new server. We are able to register the devices without an issue (you just click yes to trust the certificate), however we are unable to remote onto the external sites without getting the error message:-

'Unable to setup encryption for the session. The management console may not be UTC time synchronized with this system. If the problem persists, contact your system administrator..'

We have changed the registry key at HKLM>Software>Novell>ZCM to match the certificates that work internally but this hasn't solved the issue. I've had a look throught this forum and can't seem to find anyone having the same issue, they all seem to be getting resolved by changing the Key.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as we're really struggling without being able to provide remote support.

Many Thanks,