pwmanager DLL error - unable to open registry key This error is popping up more and more on hundreds of computers in our environment. It is a box that pops up while a PC is sitting at the Novell login screen. No one in our corporation has been able to come up with a fix for this yet. It really doesn't cause any major problems. click it once or twice and it goes away. It is just an annoyance for our end users and they keep asking why we don't fix it. It does cause another problem if the machine is scheduled for an automatic reboot in the evening then this error stops the reboot from happening and then when you click to clear the error it then finishes the reboot. When it is in this waiting for reboot state the PC cannot be remote controlled either. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. We are a large healthcare company with over 50,000 employees and thousands of PC's and the error is occuring on more and more PC's everyday. Thanks. Charlie MacConnach