BM 3.8.4 NW6.5

Yesterday we lost connectivity to the outside when one of the NICs failed
on BM. We replaced the NIC using the exact same brand and model NIC.
After replacing and rebotting, BM seemed to take forever getting out,
maybe a routing issue???? Internal pings worked but external pings did
not. After another reboot and 5 minutes of waiting, all pings went in and
out and everything seemed fine. The only thing now that is not working is
VPN. We are getting the above message, that includes the following:

NLS Licensing services are unavailable. Please make sure NLSLSP.NLM is
loaded. Code = C0001003 VPN Server component.
NWPKIGetServerCertificates returned error code 1
AuthGW failed to acquire the VPN Security keys.

Any ideas?