I am starting doing work with ZCM add-on images and trying get a grasp and see if I am missing something. Basically what I did is I created an install bundle for Libre Office that runs/installs an msi file. I tested the install bundle and it worked and installed LibreOffice. I wanted to create an addon image so I then clicked on the option to "create an add-on image" for this bundle and it created it and put it into the addon-images folder. My stuff is running on Windows Server 2008. I have a laptop here that has a base image on it and I wanted to install this add-on image. I used the following manual command "img -rp /addon-images/imagename.zmg -ip=ipaddress -ap=a1:p1" and I also created an Imaging bundle with this add on and assigned it to the laptop and told it to apply work to do. I then PXE booted and it automatically found work and loaded the addon image. Both times it ran but it does not install LibreOffice. It just puts files into novell/zenworks/work/addons folder on the laptop. The addon image is not putting the LibreOffice files in their correct location. The install bundle installs an MSI, so is the addon image supposed to install the msi or am I doing something wrong? If I use ImageExp to look at the add-on image it does only show the files that it is putting in the novell/zenworks/....folder.

Thanks for any information as I might be doing this incorrectly.