I am trying to test Group Policy for Windows 7 Enterprise and AppLocker. I had created a new Group Policy for the purposes of testing Enterprise and AppLocker so I don't unintentionally muck anything up, which was just a copy of my current user policy for Win7 Pro.

After editing the Group Policy and returning back towards the main web page. On the message box that prompts to upload or cancel the group policy, as soon as I click upload, I get a message "Error in getting the script ID" and I return to the main Details page of my group policy, all of my policy edits and changes have been lost.

Is this an issue with Win7 Enterprise, or trying to use AppLocker in a Zen managed Group Policy? I've read on quite a few message postings that Zen and AppLocker don't get along that easily, but at the same time other posts have said that they were able to work together great, so I figured that I needed to test my environment to find out what result I would have. Does anyone know the verdict for Zen and AppLocker when it comes to ZCM 11 SP1? Thanks!