Not sure which forum to place this question in and since everyone here is dealing with Mobile Device Management of some sort I figured I would start here.

I am starting to see more and more requests for iPad type devices and the school system is already supporting mobile phones for administrators and highly mobile staff members. I haven't explored the Device Management side of things until now. I have a few questions regarding the Management side.

1. Does Novell have plans for a Mobile Device Management system? If so is there a link for the road map so I can get an idea of when this might be released or what the plans are?

2. Those of you dealing with Mobile Devices, what product are you using to manage the devices?

3. Can you share any links to resources that might help in this process? I have done several google searches and found some good items but it is always helpful to hear from those that have done this before.

Currently I am dealing with Blackberry mobile phones, 10 iPads, and a few iPod Touch's. Nothing overwelming which is why I am wanting to get started on some sort of plan.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.