I have been running my ZENworks deployment on older hardware since I started working for the schools system. Recently staff members have been complaining that the login process was extremely slow and sometimes hangs for 5 minutes or more before a desktop is provided. It is obvious that this is due to the hardware/design that has been implemented over the last few years. I have finally convinced my boss to invest in a new server and I have a few questions on how best to do this build.

The school system doesn't have an extreme amount of end devices to manage. Around 800 total. Currently we are running the database internally. Reading several posts about this issue I would like to split the two services from each other.

1. Can I run the ZCM service and the Database on the same physical hardware but virtualized (VMware) without issue?
2. Is there a formula for how much RAM should be provided for the server to run as optimally as possible?
3. Would I be pushing my luck if I placed ZCM, the External database server, and a Nagios/Cacti server on the same box?

I am currently looking at a HP Proliant ML380 G7. This would have four NICs. I would put the needed amount of RAM in the server to make this function correctly. If I need to split this out I can do that but would prefer to provide as much functionality and service from the Host server as possible.

Thanks for any help.