I placed this question in the GroupWise forum as well. I know Novell has ZENworks Handheld Management but this server looks like a dead product. Is there any plans for a Mobile Device Manager to be offered by Novell? Is there any links to this product or a way to become a beta tester for the service once it gets to that stag?

I am currently looking for a solution and am in the beginning stages of planning for this. We have a wide range of objects already deployed and it doesn't look like this is going to slow down anytime soon.

Anyone have a favorite product that does this already? Price is currently a big deal since I am the only one that has to deal with this and the sup. needs a bit of convincing that it is a growing need.

Any other resources that can be provided would also be great.

Sorry if this doesn't fit in this forum. Not sure where else to get some good responses.