We have a major problem with wireless workstations XP and 7. We have the ZCM 11 agent installed, with the Novell client. The problem is when a user activate the wireless mode (no wired cable), our wireless access point are configured to allow a connection ONLY if the workstation is logged. In other words, we have to enter first the Windows user account to activate our wireless authentification. After that, user login to Novell but he have not yet the Zcm applications. ZCM wants to sync with the Windows login instead of the Novell client but ONLY at startup process. This way the ZCM login is not processed automatically... clients must click the ZCM icon and make Zenworls Login manually.

Can we tell zenworks to sync automatically with the Novell client to retrieve all the bundles and policies, and in any order of the authentification process at startup?

In past years, with the Zen7, the Nal sync automatically when the user logged to Novell...

thank you for your help !