We had a consultant in last week to help us upgrade from 10.3 to 11.1a, move
the Db to a SQL 2008R2 server, and so on. All that work seemingly went well
and at the end of the night we tested one PC by running an app that was
already deployed to it and also deployed a new app to it. Worked fine.

The next day, the phone was ringing like mad. Our database is somehow all
screwed up, with bundles going to devices not listed or that don't meet the
requirements. Trying to apply the 11.1a update to just a single test device
pushed it out to over 100 clients. We opened an SR with Novell that has
been of no help so far. They are having us try a series of "zac unr" and
"zac reg" commands with various switches. Nothing has been a reliable help
except a manual uninstall of the 10.3 agent and a manual install of a v11
agent. That is not practical for over 1000 devices at various locations
around our metro area. Even basic info, such as pulling up a device and
looking and the Primary User and Currently Logged in User does not always
give correct info. We've found a number of client devices that when we
unreg, say they are satellite servers. They are not and have never been.

For one of the users we are testing with, the zac unr/reg process yields
correct results as seen in the ZCC for a few minutes, and then reverts to
bad data again.

HELP! I'm spearheading this since our consultant has now flown back home
and we don't current have a full-time Zen expert. Our DBA is bright but we
need direction here. For now, we are fairly stable but I don't think we can
push a new bundle if needed, nor can our Helpdesk reliably remote control a
workstation and so on.

Todd Bowman
Senior Network Analyst
University of Minnesota Physicians