I'm having a problem with a few Dell Windows 7 machines using ZENworks Configuration Management (ZCM) 10.3.4 client.
The problem is the device name, in the ZENworks Adaptive Agent Properties, is sporadically changing and reassigning with other device names and sharing the device name with another computer.

All the machines have been built from a single image, using R-Drive Image software, with the ZCM client already built-in to the image.

In attempted to resolved the problem, I've uninstalled the ZCM client, CASA as well as deleting the device name from the Zenworks Control Center (ZCC).
Re-installed the ZCM client and again received a different device name of a different workstation.

I've already tried using Zenworks AgentCleanup tool to remove the ZCM client and deleted the device name from the ZCC, but it did not resolve the problem.

I can only assume the problem lies within the image compiled with the ZCM client. How do I fix ZCM client to report the adaptive agent properties accurately with the correct device name and if possible, without having to create a new image?