We have a BM 3.8.4 S2S VPN with both slave and master on NW 6.5. We
changed the IP address of the Master. I got the Master all settled in
with new default route and reset all of the filters. I exported new
certs for the slave and master (they were to expire soon anyway) and
removed the existing S2S VPN. I then recreated the Master, followed by
the Slave. The issue now is that when the slave VPN starts the console
has the messsage "Call connection established for protocol IP to
destination vptunnel@OLDMASTERIP". The IKE screen says "******* Send
Main Mode Message to OLDMASTERIP" I removed and recreated the slave a
second time, but it still insists on using the OLD master server IP
address. Any thoughts on how to get the correct master IP address on
the slave?