We used to distribute SAP client to our desktops with ZFD7 from a UNC path on our Netware server with elevated rights that were provided by the workstation object in eDirectory. This works perfect.
Now, as we are slowly changing our sites to Zen11, we are in the need to do the same but as the 'workstations rights' component has been eliminated we need to offer the same results.
We know that the local administrator can't access network resources, so we can't use any of the options Zenworks provides.
On some other apps we've copied the executable file(s) to the workstation and the used Autoit with the built in runas command. That works ok, but the SAP package is too big (1.5gb) to copy to each workstation so that's not an option.
And this is it. We are out of ideas here, so any suggestions would be welcome.