After creating a GroupWise 2012 on x64 SLES 11 test environment I figured it would be nice to test it using data from my GroupWise 8 system.
I installed the GroupWise 2012 client for Windows, connected to my test system and created an IMAP4 folder that pointed to my GroupWise 8 account.
Next I started to copy some e-mails (1 folder at a time) from my GroupWise 8 account to my GroupWise 2012 account.
In my GroupWise 2012 Windows client all looks just fine, but when I log in to my account on the GroupWise 2012 system using WebAccess all messages in a folder have the same date and time (the same date and time as when I started the import).
Can someone confirm? Is this a nice feature or have I hit a bug?

Best regards.