Running bm38 on my nw6 server. Have vpn set up & it works fine (sort

Have traffic rules set up for different entities that need to connect,
allowing them to different ip addys, etc.

Have a location that has a rule set up to allow them to one address on
our primary local subnet, plus have them in a traffic rule to not
encrypt anything besides their connection to us.

This local subnet ( is our primary w/ our
servers (including bm38 server) and pc's on it.

When they vpn in, they can get to the address we set, but they cannot
get to anything on their local subnet, or on the internet. They need
to do this to get to their calendar, email, etc.

If I change their traffic rule to allow them to our entire primary
local subnet, then they can connect and surf the web @ the same time.
For obvious reasons, we don't want to allow users access to our entire

Any suggestions of things to look for or try?

Craig? Cat? Anyone?