We have a mix of NetWare 6.5 and Windows Server 2008 DNS servers. There is a forwarding zone in Novell that points to the Windows DNS servers for the DNS zone abc.xyz.local. Most workstations are configured for the DNS zone named xyz, so when they attempt to resolve a host name, they append xyz (i.e. webserver.xyz). Novell is primary for the xyz zone, and the workstations point to Novell, so it resolves properly.

A few workstations are domain-joined, so they append abc.xyz.local (the AD domain name), turning webserver into webserver.abc.xyz.local. They also point to NetWare DNS, which knows to query the Windows DNS servers on the workstation's behalf. The Windows DNS servers give two answers - one is an A record with the correct IP address, the other is a CNAME record from the GlobalNames zone that points to webserver.abc.xyz.local. The NetWare DNS appears to discard the A record, returning only the CNAME record, which is what the workstation attempted to resolve in the first place. I see this result whether resolving the name on the workstation or on the NetWare server itself.

Is there a fix? I couldn't find any reference to GlobalNames in the Novell knowledgebase, and no articles discussing this specific issue on Google.