Coming from ZCM 11.0 on SLES 11.1.

First attempt this morning finished with errors. Noted the following in

ERROR;RPM_INSTALL_ERROR;[/bin/rpm -U --verbose --force
DEBUG;;;An error occured during command execution...details should have
already been logged

And in novell-zenworks-common-jars-11.1.0-10525.noarch.rpm.log:

Preparing packages for installation...
ln: creating symbolic link
`/usr/java/jdk1.6.0_26/jre/lib/ext/bcprov-nid-jdk15-136.jar': No such
file or directory
error: %post(novell-zenworks-common-jars-11.1.0-10525.noarch) scriptlet
failed, exit status 1

rpm -q jdk shows only jdk-1.6.0_24-fcs is installed. Cleaned up the JDK
dirs then installed novell-zenworks-common-jars-11.1.0-10525.noarch.rpm
myself -- no errors.

and launched SP1a again.

Console output again reported "Updated of ZENworks server failed. Check
the logs for more details" on completion.

Checked the newly created system-update.log, no errors. Last line is

Checked /etc/opt/novell/zenworks/version.txt --

How can I confirm the second attempt was a success?