We are finally upgrading from ZeNworks 7 to ZCM 11. When reimaing a workstation using ZEN 7, after the first reboot, a status window is displayed indicating the agent is restoring the ol workstation name, SID, etc? Under ZCM 11 we are not getting any status window of that sort? The login dialogue is displayed, with a lot of hard drive activity for about 30-40 seconds and then the workstation simply reboots itself. Is there a way to have a window displayed so user know NOT to try and login at that time? If you do try to log in, we get a secondary Windows login prompt, due to no dynamic local user profile applying, etc. The workstation reboots without any notice or fanfare...

The documenttion says the following:

"After the ZENworks Adaptive Agent is installed, the ZENworks Imaging Windows Agent window
indicating that the configuration files are being processed by the Imaging Agent is displayed during
the device boot-up. During this process, the ZENworks Imaging Windows Agent restores the data
from ISD so that the device can communicate by using its previous identity. Later on, the Imaging
Agent automatically reboots the device."

... which indicates that some window shold be displayed? Help?