What a weekend. NW51sp6 upgrade from bm36eesp2 to 38sp4. Mostly smooth. Have problems loading authgw (cannot get vpn security keys) so tried migrating filters. "Filtsrv migrate" barfed and tore my local DS dib and for a few hours that was trouble (had to reinstall DS on server). No login, no connection (this is the router, of course). But that's better.

In an effort to reset filters, I tuned Imanager 2 per tid 10097599 - load proper plugin. Finally got that done, and upon executing the instructions in the TID, was told by imanager that the schema was not extended on the server for VPN/filter operations. Reinstalled Bm3.8 (not overwriting any newer files). Things still work ok, error persists, cannot access filter operations in imgr.

Authgw still does not load (ike loads ok). Cannot find the vpn security keys. S2S vpn is fine (thankfully). Another thing, every minute or so, the line "REINITIALIZING FILTERS..." spawns on my Bm server console screen.

I also get a "Timesync:TCPIP WAITING TO INITIALIZE" for about 45 seconds when server starts, but that seems to go away. TS goes to ipx and then tcpip comes on line later. Then it runs fine, but for the authgw.

Thanks again for any advice or wisdom.