Have a netware 6.0 sp5 server in SLC that I'm planning on migrating to linux. Stuck a little early in the set up stages though and hoping for some guidance.

I have other oes linux boxes in my environment, however they do not have edir replicas (they do have edir installed, if that matters). None of these are migrations, they're all new installs.

So, in setting up my premigration server.. i chose the existing services that are on my Netware 6 box. DHCP, NSS, iPrint, edirectory, and whatever else choosing those selected automatically.

Now I'm at the point where it asks about CA Management and I do not know how to responsd. It wants to know if i should create a default CA and certificate. Do I? Do I skip it? does it exist elsewhere? I don't know what to do here without shooting myself in the foot for the migration.

Thanks for any advice.