Issue we are having: we are trying to isntall two fonts the trajan bold and pro. I created a directive bundle using addfont, unfortunately if the command is not run as administrator it does not work. I tried changing the options in advanced tab but that does not work either. We found that the program lsrunas allows us to run commands in the command prompt as admin. However we are still having issues deploying the bundle

How we created the bundle:

created a directive bundle first we have the bundle installing the addfont.exe, lsrunas.exe, and font files to the appropriate directories.(the lsrunas.exe allows us to execute the command as admin) the bundle will not install correctly unless the command is run as administrator
Then we have the launch exectuable for the command:* field we put c:\>windows\lsrunas and the command line parameters we put /user:administrator /password:##@&@^# /domain:!@#&# /runpath:c:\ /command: c:\windows\temp\addfont Trajanpro-regular.otf "Trajan Pro"