Have existing sites running NW6.5sp4,BM3.8sp4.
Remote site accesses central office via Novell Portal and Citrix servers
and GW WebAccess.
Setting up S2S VPN between the 2 sites. Central office is master.
Would like remote to still be able to use Citrix and GWWA outside of the
VPN while other traffic is routed thru the VPN.

Central public IP is x.x.x.18/
Remote public is x.x.x.30 (yes this is on the same subnet - uses same ISP)
The following are static NAT'd to servers inside BM at Central office
portal public is x.x.x.19
citrix01 is x.x.x.23
citrix02 is x.x.x.24
GWWA is x.x.x.21
Central private side is
Remote private side is
Tunnel addresses are and

When the VPN modules load, the other communications break. This seems
like a routing issue, but I can't see where.

Any ideas?

Chris Frick, MSc, MCP, MCNE
Systems Administrator
Thames Valley Children's Centre
London, Ontario