We are still using the "only-one-rule" workaround on our BM (3.8.4 IR4
with proxy.nlm from IR3 on NW65SP5) for the analogue modem issue.
Since the readme of the new VPN Client (3.8.11/3.8.12) contains
> 19. PPP adapter is not released while using dial up
> VPN Client.
> 20. VPN login fails if you use internal modem.

in the fixes section, I decided the give it a new try.

But we still have the same problem as Stefan reported on 07-12-2004
> We have defined 2 Networks in the Traffic rules.
> If i try to ping a host in Network 1 i get a answer of the host
> If i try to ping a host in Network 2 i do not get a answer of the host
> If i try to ping a host in Network 1 again i have do not get a answer
> again

and Richard on 09-17-2005
> When you connect the VPN Client with the second traffic rule present,
> start pinging a host (using -t) on the first traffic rule, it should
> ping fine. Now watch the first ping when you try and ping a host on
> the second traffic rule, both stop responding altogether (i.e. request
> timed out).

After this, the PPP connection on the client is completely broken.
Disconnecting and reconneting to the ISP doesn't help, you can't connect
via modem anymore (not even to google etc.). Only rebooting the PC will

Of course everything runs fine using LAN or ISDN connections.

So I can't see why this issue should be fixed. I also tried the
VPN38PATCH.exe from IR4 on top of the 3.8.11 client, no change.

Since the previous thread "C2S and Modem and PPP-Connections (again)",
where Gerd described the same problem I am facing right now, ended
without a real solution 3 month ago, I thought I might ask if there are
any news for us...