Background: We had a BM36 server and we added a BM38 server. They were
setup so that, by unloading secondary ipaddresses on one box and loading it
on another, plus the obvious start/stop of BorderManager itself, we could
switch between BM servers I recently completely reinstalled Netware on the
former BM36 server, so it's now NW65/SP5/PSP patches, and BM38/SP4/IR3 -
same BM on both servers, Netware on the other box is just slightly older,
SP4a plus patches. I want to install a VPN on the second server so that it
can use our "poor man's cluster services" and take over from the primary
server whenever we want. We will run no S2S, only C2S. I will set up all
the same rules for who can use it, etc.

Brief version - want to add a second BM38/SP4/IR3 server to my environment
so that by manipulating secondary IP's, I can switch between the two of them
easily. Questions below pertain to creating the VPN C2S server on the new


1. When I create the VPN on the second server, if I should also be creating
a new C2S service or using the existing service?

2. When I create the VPN on the second server, I believe the tunnel address
should be different - the existing server is 192.168.x.1, the new should be
192.168.y.1, where neither x nor y are used for anything else on our current
private network. Is this correct?

3. Anything else anyone can think of would be appreciated. It looks like I
need to clear the C2S service hurdle before I can create the VPN.

Many thanks in advance.