BM 3.7 on NetWare 6.

I have a problem where users can use a dial up connection (or be plugged
directly into their cable modem) and VPN access works fine.

However, if the user is behind a home router then they can authenticate
and connect to the VPN but they cannot gain access to any of the internal
services/ip addresses.

This is not unique to one PC; this is the case for all home users behind a

This had been working fine for a few years now. An external engineer
provided assistance last week and installed NetWare 6 SP5 and reapplied BM
Service Pack 3 for 3.7. Since then this no longer works. It is likely
that a setting has been changed (for the "greater good" but the knock on
affect is that it's affected this service).

I'm also pretty sure that it's something to do with NAT and the effect of
a private LAN connection.

Any suggestions?