Our Netware 6.5 SP5 with BM 3.8SP4 C2S setup works...... most of the
time with most of the clients.

We have one special trick on this server. Every week, we do a
stop_brd.ncf / start_brd.ncf to clear a lot of memory that get's lost
by the java program com.novell.scm.serviceconfigurationmanager

We do have another problem that is more serious.

Sometimes, some users get "sometimes Failed receiving server DH public
value" when trying to to connect to the office.

This is mostly during the week. The brd_stop.ncf brd_start.ncf seem to
clear this issue for a while.
We have users with multiple internet access options. They say that the
problem occurs only on one of there internet connections (ADSL
netherlands) and not on their UMTS connections.

I include a part of the ikelog.txt with a few errors:

06-30-2006 04:28:10 PM 00000000 507f89a3
06-30-2006 04:28:10 PM Start IKE-SA 017c6450 -

06-30-2006 04:28:10 PM AUTH ALG IS 1
06-30-2006 04:28:10 PM Negotiating for an NMAS user a.b.c.d

06-30-2006 04:28:10 PM ***Send Main Mode message to a.b.c.d

06-30-2006 04:28:10 PM

06-30-2006 04:28:11 PM ERROR :packet length 25600 recieved is too high
, probably bogus packet

06-30-2006 04:28:11 PM ERROR :Maximum size of allowed packet is 25600

06-30-2006 04:28:11 PM ***Receive Main Mode message from a.b.c.d

06-30-2006 04:28:11 PM

06-30-2006 04:28:11 PM IKE SA NEGOTIATION: Peer lifetime = 28800 My

Any suggestions?

Thomas Roes
there is no one at thomasr1@xs4all.nl