Has anyone gotten roaming profiles to work on ZCM 11 (SP1) on SLES 11 server ?
Using Windows XP SP3 with client version 4.91 SP5
Profiles are stored in the user's home folder that resides on a Netware 6.5 SP8 server
Roaming profiles work just fine on our ZFD7 server but it seems ZCM 11 is not reading the profile from the server or updating it upon logout

If I create a brand new user (also using DLU) the workstation creates a dynamic user and then upon logout successfully copies that profile to the netware server (users home foder).. even a folder I created on the users desktop appears in the profile on the server

If I log back in as that user, and then say create a second folder on the desktop and log back out, the server copy of the profile never gets updated with the second folder and the date/time stamp on the profile in the users home folder never gets updated.

As I say this works perfect with ZFD7 but ZCM 11 has not been functional

Any ideas would be appreciated