we have a question about the DFS limitations. In the documentation, we haven't found a answer for this.

Question: Is it possible (and allowed) to have DFS Junction below a DFS Junction on NSS Volumes, used normally with NCP?

For example:
[Root] / [DFS Junction1] / SubfolderX / [DFS Junction2] / SubfolderY / .

We have tested this constellation (SLES10 SP3 and OES2 SP3). It works principally, but:
1. Refreshes of a folder (below SubfolderY) are often extremely slow (More then a minute for a refresh.)
2. Sometimes (!) a link to a file will not open. (various error messages).
Open the explorer and walk to a file across the tree will work correct.
3. Sometimes (!) to open a file (across SubfolderY) will open a endless loop between Junction2 an the File in SubflolderY

Thanks for help