We've been having weirdness where after 7-10 days, the dsfw services
become somewhat borked on my primary dsfw server. Not borked enough
for services to fail over to the secondary, but enough that logins, etc
don't happen. It usually seems to happen over the weekend, so monday
morning is an adventure.

Running OES2sp3 on SLES10sp4, edir 886, fully patched. It's a 32 bit
VM, wishing I'd have built it as 64 bit.

Any suggestions as to what could be going on?

I've put an entry in the crontab as the following (to test for now):

* 11 * * * root "xadcntrl reload"

Once I get that working, I'll adjust it to run once a week, but it does
not seem to work, as I don't get the emails for services
stopping/starting that I setup on these servers.