A bit of an odd and hard-to-track down problem that I'm hoping others have already fixed:

Sometimes (fairly rarely, really), someone will sit down at one of our Win7 32-bit stations, put their username and pword into the blank Novell login and the login process will fail. Looking at the "advanced" settings shows that the context did not automatically fill in (i.e. it is still blank). There are two work-arounds that we've found:

A) manually enter/browse for the correct context


B) put a different user's username (one that actually exists in eDir) and hit tab/click in the pword place to trigger the auto-filling in of the context. It doesn't seem that it matters what kind of user one chooses - it's just that the second username seems to wake up the process. Then, changing the username back to the originally attempted one works and the login completes with a correctly auto-filled-in context.

This happens sporadically on machines all over our ~200 station network, such that I haven't been able to discern a pattern. Anyone else seen such a thing?

Oh, we're using Client 2 SP1. Thanks ahead of time.