I need a Server for 15 users not 150 or 15,000

Upto now I've used NOWS SBE 2.5 simplified install but looks like its a dead
unless I want to stick with OES 10 and GW 8 I need to do a manual install

Read though the docs - well sort of - they are NOT easy to follow
the docs jump all over the place - yes I know everyones situation is

For starters ALL I want is a Server I can install Groupwise on
simple Tree, right now I don't need complication of NSS so ext3 will do and
for testing purpose software RAID

with Software Raid I can EXPERIMENT in stages ie. get it working to a
point - remove a drive (point-in-time backup)
put a new drive in and Rebuild
Make changes / Install components - safe in the knowledge I have
point-in-time setup to go back to
[I've done this on NOWS SBE2.5 installation]

I'm a bit stuck...

Ok, so I've installed OES11
added the addon disk, entered my Activation key

What next ??
How do I configure eDirectory ?
The installation guide doesn't mention this !

I don't need DHCP/DNS etc - Static IP will do nicely

Anyone know of idiots guide to OES installation?