NW65, BM38 lates SPs all round. Removed all VPN objects per earlier data
from Massimo, set up all over again, still have the same problem.


VPN Client (latest beta version) reports DH Public value error if
context and preferred server are filled out, otherwsie reports "NMAS
Authentication error" FFFFF98C.

Other things that appear wrong:

1. C2S rule set up per TIDs with NMAS authentication, but VPN dump shows:

ruleEnabled = 1
ruleType = 1
rulePriority = 0
pObjectDN = C2S01_NMAS_Auth.Authentication Rules.C2S_01.Delph
# ... the correct rule is specified.
condObjectDNArray[0] is NULL
condObjectDNArray[1] is NULL
condObjectDNArray[2] is NULL
condObjectDNArray[3] is NULL
anyUser = 0
# ... but I have checked the applies to any user checkbox
pUser is NULL
Authentication Condition
Trusted Root is NULL
# ... TRC is specified in the rule
AllowNMAS = 0
# ... NMAS Authorization is checked
AllowCert = 0
Action Condition:
Allow Authentication = 1

So it appears that although iManager knows that I make changes, BM is
not aware of it ...

2. In BM setup, NwAdmn32, VPN checkboxes are greyed out and unselected.

I understand this means the schema is not properly extended, but
deleteing all the objects and info and setting it all up again from
iManager should have resulted in the schema being extended.

-- Ken

Ken McLeod
The Delphian School