Hey Everyone,

Iam sorry, I think this issue has been up here about a 1000 times (mostly relating to WinXP I think), but my knowledge of iPrint ist pretty close to zero and the support guys asked me if I could open up a thread in the novell forums.

My colleagues have encountered problems with the iPrint Client on Windows 7.
Iam not quite sure, that this issue is related to iPrint and Iam not really familiar with iPrint Administration / Support (Iam trying to get into this at the moment), so I will try to outline the problems. In the forums I could only find similar problems related with Windows XP with far older iPrint Versions than the ones we have in use.

We got about 15 Devices (running Windows 7) out of roundabout 1000 on which the Spooler Service and iPrint Client crashes. Leading to no printers being shown - and the user can not restart the Spooler Service.
This problem came up after the first devices were migrated to Win7.

So far everything the colleagues found out is:
This seems to be Hardware-independent and only happens on Win7 devices (Windows 7 32Bit).

This mainly happened on Workstations using iPrint Printers by HP, but on some devices there were Rico Printers installed. (But in all cases there were HP Printers set up via iPrint)

The HP Printers are either set up with UPD 5.1 Drivers or with Printerspecific Drivers. Changing the Drivers does not fix it in every case.
We are using UPD 5.1 because it was recommended to us. The latest versions seem to be buggy or something? If thats not the case, I can definetly try upgrading to 5.4 - Any experience with the 5.4 UPD?

There is only one device which more or less lets you reproduce the issue, in all other cases this seems to happen at random.
So at least I could get some logs etc...
Is there any way to troubleshoot the iPrint Client? So far I havent found any logs, but I will check the documentation as soon as Iam finished with my current project.

Sorry for posting such a typical Thread which should be rewarded with a "R.T.F.M.", but this matter is really urgent.

Client Side IPP: 5.74
Server OS: OES 2 SP3 on SLES 10