I am currently having an issue with the Novell client and using Pointsec encryption.

Currently using windows 7 enterprise and Novell Client 2 SP1 (Only for file and print) & Active directory. With this set up, excluding pointsec, everything works fine with no issues at all - for example when pressing ctrl+alt+del a user is able to successfully change both their novel and windows password at the same time without any issues as they are presented with a novell box to change their password. The issue I am having occurs when pointsec is then installed and the user changes their password. When changing the password they are presented with the standard windows change password options which updates their AD password and successfully updates their pointsec password - but not novell.

I appreciate that pointsec is causing the issue, and I may well have to get in contact with them directly. However was just wondering if someone out their had a similar issue at all. Its almost like pointsec is just disabling the 'change password' user interface for Novell and defaulting it back to windows. Is there any way of setting it to default to novell (which I hope in turn will also update AD)?

Many Thanks