Ok, here is a very weird situation:

_VPN Option 5 on my VPN setup shows:

========C2S Authentication Rule 1
ruleEnabled = 1
ruleType = 1
rulePriority = 0
pObjectDN = C2SxAuth.Authentication Rules.C2Sx.Delph
condObjectDNArray[0] is NULL
condObjectDNArray[1] is NULL
condObjectDNArray[2] is NULL
condObjectDNArray[3] is NULL
anyUser = 0
pUser is NULL
Authentication Condition
Trusted Root is NULL
AllowNMAS = 0
AllowCert = 0
Action Condition:
Allow Authentication = 1
========End of C2S Authentication Rules==========

Now, when I look in iManager at the same rule, it is set up as follows:

Traffic rule: Any user, any host, any protocol, enabled=yes.
Authentication: Any user, NMAS, Allow, enabled=yes.

When I drill down through the C2S object in consoleone, I get to a
poperty in both traffic and authentication which says inetPolicyAnyUser=True

Now, I am wondering why both Consoleone and iManager show these things
to be true, whereas when I load the VPN on the server, it shows this
property (and others) set to false when they are patently set to true
when using iManager or C1.

Can anyone tell me what the heck to do to get the VPN modules to
actually read the information in the eDir? I have a feeling that the VPN
would actually work if I could get this to happen.

btw, I just installed BM38SP4_ir5 without seeing a change in this beghavior.

I've had a lot of help from a lot of good people on this, but it has
gone round in circles.

However, if somebody can answer the question of why C1/Imgr show the
correct config, but VPN modules can't seem to read it, I might yet be
able to use Novell VPN and not have to buy a load of (ugh!) boxes which
is the direction I am currently being driven.

(If this question properly belongs in some other ng, please let me know
and I'll repost.)


Ken McLeod
Sheridan, OR