Two quick questions:

1) We are going to set up a Site-to-Site VPN with BorderManager 3.8 on our corporate network side and are thinking of using one of the following LinkSys devices:

BEFSX41 v2 - called a VPN Endpoint, supports 2 IPSec VPN tunnels
BEFVP41 - supports up to 50 IPSec VPN tunnels
RV082 - supports up to 50 IPSec VPN tunnels

No more than 5 users for this office. However, if this works, we will be doing more offices with up to 10 people.
Can anyone recommend one of these or would anyone recommend something else?

2) verification of what a Site-to-Site VPN is:

using a S2S VPN means we don't need any sort of VPN client software on the workstations? It's all handled by the routers with VPN capability?

questions 1 and 2 go hand in hand. The router must support S2S VPN.