Have got a weird issue - have read the other 2 threads but they're a bit long in the tooth so figured i'd start a nice new one

ZCM 11.1 zone with DLU / volatile users and non DLU / volatile users

non volatile users don't appear to have this issue but DLU / volatile users do

have checked the registry key on a user without the issue and the setting is 0 like the other thread mentions, but the volatile users have the issue

I can't easily check the registry as the DLU users are locked down something awful

I've tried setting the registry entry on user login but it doesn't seem to do anything (assuming it works), is this still a known issue in the 11.1 version, or has anyone else had this happen as well?

Client is not too bothered by it, but it certainly sticks out and works in a rather silly way and not how the users would expect