I have 2 new servers with Adaptec 6805 RAID controllers. One server will
be OES11 and one will be ZEN 11sp1a After some (many) hours working on
these things I have found a few facts. The driver for this card is not
included in SLES 11sp1. I can load the driver from USB during
installation but as soon as the system patches it will no longer boot.
This is due to the kernel being patched and not having in the driver in
the kernel.

I need to know of some options here. Adaptec says the driver will be
included in SLES 11SP2 but I don't know if I will be able to install ZEN
11sp1a or OES 11 on these servers with SLES 11SP2.

Would I be better off just sending the controller backs and buying an
older model? I could wait a month or so for SLES SP2 but if it isn't
going to be compatible with ZEN 11sp1a or OES11 I don't see any point.

Another option would be to somehow block the kernel patches. With
SLES11sp1, WHAT is being patched is not as upfront as before. Now it
just basically says "there are patches", you click OK and they install.
I know me and I won't remember to go into advanced settings and block
the kernel every time the systems are patched (since they are the only 2
like this). If there is a way to block kernel updates by default I might
be able to work with these servers and just upgrade to OES11SP1 and
Zen11SP2 later this year (I am assuming they will support SLES11SP2)

While I am comfortable following directions on Linux I am not
comfortable enough to maintain a custom compiled kernel - which I know
would work too.