Hey all,

Have a test network with OES11 DHCP server and OpenSLP/DA. I'm having a hard time trying to get DHCP to hand out my Openslp da ip address. When I manually config the scope and the ip addresses of my Openslp da's in the novell client service location tab all is well. On a win xp box typing slpinfo /all gives me my two da's and scope and it reports that my da's are UP. However, when I take the manual config out of the novell client and let dchp hand out that info I get nothing. I Have this test DHCP config closely matching my production dhcp config as much as possible. The difference right off the bat is my production environment is still running novell slp da's on two netware 6.5.8 machines. I'm pushing out option 78 directory agent.

Another thing I noticed. In the jave mgt utility for dns/dhcp dhcp servers come up at the bottom with a red X. In about 5-10 seconds or so the red X goes away and the little server picture shows it's up and running.

Well, not so in my OES11 test environment. The dhcp server box at the bottom of the java mgt utility NEVER shows that it's up and running. The red X NEVER goes away. And at the top of the java mgt utility the server icon has a green button asking you to start the service. When you actually click on that icon a message will come up and ask you if you really want to start the dhcp service. Well, it's already running. I confirm this by running the status command at a terminal and it reports back running. I'm confused.