We are blessed to have two working VPN's, and at the moment I cannot get
through on one of them although everyone else seems to be able to. I
get "Negotiating" but it fails to authenticate me. Same tree.

I also notice, on the logger screen, this:

NBMLICENSE MANAGER: BorderManager Access Control license update failed.
Code = C0001001

NBMLICENSE MANAGER: BorderManager Proxy license update failed. Code =

NBMLICENSE MANAGER: BorderManager Client VPN license update failed..
Code = C10001001

and those keep repeating.

There is very little difference between the server I can connect to and
the one I can't, both running BM 38 SP4 IR3, both NW65, one SP4a, the
other SP5. I get through on the SP5 box at the moment.

It's worth mentioning, I think, that BorderManager is running on the box
I cannot get through to, and only the VPN on the one I can use.

TIA for suggestions as to where to look next. PKIDIAG finds nothing
wrong on the problem server, I can RCONJ into it just fine, DSREPAIR
finds nothing wrong on any servers in the tree.