Hi all.

we are unable to manage a cifs virtual server in a two node cluster with Imanager. No problem managing the physical nodes, but when trying to manage virtual server shares, general settings etc I get various errors.
First off, when Imanager tries to read virtual server object the first time it says "cifs is not running", if I then goes first to a other tab and then back it says that server is running but no information is displayed. If I try to add for example wins server ip I first get error "Unknown error with error code: -1. " then when clicking ok I get "Storage Error Could not get CIFS properties on FS01_DATA_POOL_SERVER.servers.organisation. "
Same thing trying to manage shares.
Context on the other hand is ok to manage, no errors.
I have revied the trustee rights for both nodes proxy users to all of the nfapCIFS properties and it has read and compare to all and read, compare, self and write to some.So that seems all right to me.
The cluster virual server object got the following CIFs properties set.
nfapCIFSAttach = ip address of virtual server.
nfapCIFSComment = some comment
nfapCIFSServerName = server name, I have tried to use original truncated name and changed it to a other name.
nfapCIFSShares = shows shares on server that currently runs the virtual server.
One other problem is that the cluster resource holding the shares goes comatoes when moving/fail over th other node.
OS: sles10sp4 and oes2sp3 with latest patches applied.
I have read tid 7007792 and I'm not see that error.

best regards