I am running SLES10 SP3 and OES2 SP2
The users Home Directories are located on a Traditional Linux Volume.

I am struggling to get the bulk utilities (namuseradd and smbbulkadd) to work
when creating new Home Folders.

I create the user in iManager.
The bulk commands will look something like this:

namuseradd -a cn=admin,o=wsu -w (pwd) -x (context) -d /home/user1 -g cn=server01-W-SambaUserGroup,o=wsu -m user1

smbbulkadd -a cn=admin,o=wsu -w (pwd) -f /home/import.txt

import.txt looks like this
-u user1 -x (context)

Both commands run without errors, but when I try to map a drive to the Home Folder,
I get an error message.

If I do everything via iManager it works perfectly.

Any help will be appreciated.