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Thread: gwac.xml works not well with option " access = "allow" "

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    gwac.xml works not well with option " access = "allow" "

    Dear All,
    I try to use gwac.xml to prevent most of users to access to webacc except a few.

    Purpose: Prevent ALL , Except u1, u2

    My step:
    - Create DistributionList with u1, u2 member ( post-office: po1 , domain: dom1 )

    - edit gwac.xml :
    <gwac access="allow">
    <distributionList name="list1.po1.dom1" />
    => result : no-user can access to webacc

    NOTE: option: "prevent" works fine

    my system : SLES11(64bit), groupwise 2012, eDirectory 8.8.6

    do you have any ideas? is that a bug?

    tks for reading.

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    Re: gwac.xml works not well with option " access = "allow" "


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