I had accidently posted this on the install-setup forum for BM so am
posting it here also.

Windows 2000. Installed Novell Client 4.9 SP2 then Border Manager VPN
client 3.8.7. However based on our local lan setup we needed to use NMAS
to connect to VPN server but when it tried to connect it said unable to
locate NMAS resource dlls. I had run into that error before when I
selected to install NMAS with the VPN client so I thought OK I will just
uninstall the VPN and re-install without NMAS so it uses the Novell
client NMAS module instead which usually clears up the error.

Go into add/remove programs and selected the BM VPN client entry and it
looked like the first time the uninstall went ok was asked to reboot then
during reinstall it says you must uninstall vpn first. Went back into
add/remove programs and it is still there but now when I try to uninstall
it pops up an error dialog that resource dll cannnot be found ok or
cancel. If select OK I get that 5 more times then it wants to reboot
even though nothing has been uninstalled.

Is there some cleaner utility I can run to really uninstall the client?
Or other workaround for that error?