Hello Admins,

we're updating our Groupwise 7.x to the GW8.02.
The GroupWise Domains (Primary with Gateways and Secondary with all the POAs) running on Netware 6.5 SP8, the both POAs in our Headquarter are running on a SLES10/OES2 SP2 Linux Cluster.

Now I'm setting up a new remote office and I have to create a new POA, running on SLES10/OES2 SP3.
It failed after entering the address for the new server, ConsoleOne presented a dialog box "Unable to access Software Distribution Directory My_LinuxSDD at \\servername\volume\path..." It warns me, that I not will be able to access the new post office until the client view files are installed correctly. If I press "yes", a eDirectory Object will be created but no GroupWise POA Object.

I tried it again and again, every time I changed the path and the definition of the Software Distribution Directory .. but wirh no success. I searched for "SDD" and "Linux" and "POA" but none of the threads in the Forum and the Knowledge Base helped me out.
* I tried to setup with ConsoleOne Linux and Windows. In Windows CO I can define UNC path with 2 backslashes. Linux CO mangles the UNC Path in someting with forward slashes. I doesnt work either.
* I tried to have the software directory on a Netware and a Linux Box. In \\SRV\VOL\Path (Netware) and /media/nss/VOL/Path, /opt/novell/groupwise/software (Linux) ... no success in any way and direction
* I checked if there is an wpoffice directory with ngwguard.dc File in both Domains
* I checked lowercase letters for all *dc-Files and directorys in the Domains

The solution came, as I accidently choosed an old NetWare SDD for my Linux POA on a Linux Server .. and the installation finished successfully. Strange.
It has something to do with the View-Files.

I copied the <Netware Software Directory for GW802>\client\win32 to <Linux Software Directory>\client\* and now I can use my simple SDD, defined on a Windows Console One, hosted on a Netware Server, with the path "\\NetWareServerName\NetwareVolume\Path\softwarelx " to create new GroupWise 8.02 POAs. The original directory structure is: ...\client\ofviews\..., no "win32\ofviews\.." directory beneath ..\client\.

I posted this to spare someones valuable time, who will nearly become desperate while setting up new GW POAs. I would have been lucky if I could find such an information further. (<- very tricky grammar .. its wrong, I guess .. ;-)

BTW: Why do I need ConsoleOne on my SLES/OES Server to install GroupWise Files form "install.sh" ??? A silly and useless dependency ... in my opinion.

Hardy alias haddoc